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Sarah Osborne: Organiser Maestro and Wellbeing Guru

Sarah is a seasoned Executive Assistant with over 25 years in the field and extensive experience with all Administrative tasks, Scheduling and Events Management. Sarah has held positions in Legal, Property, Marketing, Finance and FMCG. Sarah is a great communicator and has a passion as an enabler for her colleagues.

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RACHEL ARKLE: Wellbeing Chief

Rachel, Yoke’s founder, combines  over 15 years management consultancy experience with an MSc in organisational wellbeing. She helps leaders to challenge organisational and individual assumptions around performance and wellbeing. She is a thought leader and shares her latest insights in her book “The Wellbeing Narrative – Volume 1” (published in partnership with Penguin Random House).

rachel@yokeconsultancy.com +44 (0)208 1500090
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Simon North: Consultant & Wellbeing Guru

Simon is a coach and thinker who guides individuals to be their best. He works internationally and publishes widely. Within Yoke he specialises in Leadership education, development and personal coaching and is highly experienced across a range of clients and individuals. Early in his career he worked for Rolls-Royce, Shell, PwC, KPMG, both as an HR professional and Managing Director.

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Imogen Slazenger: Delivery Maestro & Wellbeing Guru

Imogen’s background is in children’s mental health, working within critical and often corporate campaigns to bring wellbeing to schools. Her passion translates effortlessly to Yoke’s mission, where her role as project manager ensures Yoke’s projects meet the unique needs of every client, in a measurably and meaningful way.

Delivery Maestro and Wellbeing Guru
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Joanna Wong: Leadership Guru

Jo is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, with a particular specialism in leadership strategy, assessment and development. She is passionate about coaching and developing leaders to build their self-awareness and in helping them embed wellbeing behaviours both in themselves and in their organisations. Jo has spent the last 15 years in a mix of large corporates and boutique firms.

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Ian White: Coach & Legal Guru

A trained lawyer, Ian specialises in board evaluation, corporate governance and legal team performance. Ian also has an MBA, is a qualified coach and specialises in instilling resilience behaviours in leaders. Ian wrote part of Building the Law Department of Tomorrow published by ARK Group in 2017.  He is also a charity trustee.

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Sandra Stocks: Coach & Mindset Guru

Sandra is a mindset coach, working to inspire people to live a life that resonates with them and to share with them the tools to develop a mindset for authentic wellbeing and success. Sandra speaks regularly on the subjects of authenticity, wellbeing and mindset, incorporating these aspects into workshops and coaching to embed change for individuals.

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Joe Dixon: Consultant and Wellbeing Guru

Joe is a Chartered Organisational Psychologist and specialises in leadership development and assessment. Joe also has an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology, working as a Club Psychologist in the top two divisions of English football. Joe has a passion for research and exploring stress and resilience in elite athletes.

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Joy Tacon: Consultant and Wellbeing Coach

Joy’s background is as a professional tennis player, where she was ranked in the top 200, and learnt the value of wellbeing and resilience. She has since applied this mindset to grow a legal technology company in Asia and investment property company in the UK. Her expertise and experience is now being applied to Yoke’s growth and global ambitions.


Our partners

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Jonathan Phillips: Wellbeing Narrative Guru

With a decade of publishing experience, Jonathan is an expert in finding the right authors for your organisation to inspire employee wellbeing and development. He is passionate about helping people #livelifebetter.