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Yoke’s Human Sustainability Index (HSI) launch

The last few years have been huge for humans. Our values, our health, our work and our social lives have been challenged. Acknowledging this, recovering from it and recalibrating what’s important to us now, is key to our sustainability and futures. 

Forward thinking companies are also observing this trend and reflecting on how it impacts their definition of performance and the future of work more broadly.  Alongside this there is also a strong desire to mature diversity, inclusion and wellbeing agendas, albeit best practice is still unclear.

In response to these times Yoke has created the Human Sustainability Index (HSI); an approach that empowers organisations to further their human sustainability agenda in an inclusive, quantifiable, scalable and strategic way.

What it’s all about

The HSI approach offers a practical and clear pathway to building and advancing your organisation’s human sustainability.

For individuals 

This means measuring personal sustainability and providing tailored learning and support mechanisms that promote it for the long term

For teams 

This means empowering managers with the insight and skills to champion and support team sustainability for the long term

For organisations 

This means providing organisational sustainability insight that enables transparent and strategic decision making, internally and externally

What next

If you’d like to learn more about the HSI approach please get in touch here and we’ll set up an introductory conversation.